Satellite images unlikely to spot wreckage: experts

  1. The Indian Air Force(IAF) and other search teams are going through pictures and data sent by Earth Observation(EO) satellites under Cospas-SARSat to find missing An-32 transport aircraft.
  2. The International Cospas-Sarsat Programme is a satellite-aided search and rescue initiative.It is organized as a treaty-based,nonprofit, intergovernmental,humanitarian cooperative of 45 nations and agencies.
  3. It is dedicated to detecting and locating radio beacons activated by persons, aircraft or vessels in distress, and forwarding this alert information to authorities that can take action for rescue.
  4. The system utilizes a network of satellites that provide coverage anywhere on Earth.Distress alerts are detected, located and forwarded to over 200 countries and territories at no cost to beacon owners or the receiving government agencies.
  5. Cospas-Sarsat was conceived and initiated by Canada, France, the United States, and the former Soviet Union in 1979.The definitive agreement of the organization was signed in 1988.It is headquartered in Montreal,Quebec, Canada.

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