SATYAM programme

News:The Department of Science and Technology(DST) has invited proposals to study the role of yoga and meditation in fighting COVID-19 under it’s Science and Technology of Yoga and Meditation(SATYAM) programme.


  • The SATYAM Programme was announced in 2015 by the DST under its Cognitive Science Research Initiative(CSRI).
  • Aim: To foster scientific research on the effects of yoga and meditation on physical & mental health and on cognitive functioning in healthy people as well as in patients with disorders.
  • Eligibility: a) Scientists/academicians with research background in Yoga and Meditation and b) Practitioners involved in yoga and meditation can also apply in collaboration with research institutions.
  • Duration: The project is tenable for a maximum period of three years.

Additional Facts:

Cognitive Science Research Initiative(CSRI):

  • Launched in 2008 during the 11th Five year plan by the Department of Science and Technology.
  • Aim:To facilitate a platform to the scientific community to work for better solutions related with cognitive disorders and social issues through various psychological tools & batteries, early diagnosis & better therapies, intervention technologies and rehabilitation programmes.