SC allows centre to introduce African cheetah to suitable habitat in India

News: The Supreme Court has allowed the introduction of African Cheetah from Namibia in India. The Court also set up a three-member committee to guide National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) on cheetah reintroduction.



  • IUCN Status: Vulnerable
  • Geographic range: North, Southern and East Africa, and a few localities in Iran
  •  Cheetah in India: Extinct in India since 1947

Additional Information:

Background: The Supreme Court had earlier stayed African Cheetah reintroduction in Pradesh’s Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary.

National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA): Established in 2005, NTCA is a statutory body under MoEFCC which oversees management of Project Tiger and Tiger Reserves in India.

Kuno- Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary:

  • Location: Sheopur and Morena districts of Madhya Pradesh
  • Status of the wildlife sanctuary changed to Kuno National Park in 2018.