Scientists create a global map of where groundwater meets oceans

  1. According to a study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters,researchers from the U.S. has announced the creation of a global map which shows where groundwater meets oceans.
  2. This study is the first such analysis of its kind that may help protect both drinking water and the seas.
  3. The study says that nearly one-half of fresh submarine groundwater discharge flows into the ocean near the tropics.Regions near active fault lines send greater volumes of groundwater into the ocean than regions that are tectonically stable.
  4. Further,dry and arid regions have very little groundwater discharge, opening the limited groundwater supplies in those parts of the world to saltwater intrusion.
  5. This research work could give scientists better clues about where to monitor groundwater discharge.It may also help coastal communities better protect and manage their drinking water.

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