Seawater from Ice Age tucked in rocks discovered in Indian Ocean

  1. Recently,scientists have discovered the remnants of 20,000-year-old seawater dating back to the Ice Age which were tucked inside rock formations in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
  2. Researchers made this discovery while on a month long scientific mission exploring the limestone deposits that form the Maldives.
  3. Further,this discovery was made using the ship called as JOIDES Resolution.JOIDES stands for Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling.
  4. The JOIDES Resolution (JR) is a research vessel that drills into the ocean floor to collect and study core samples.Scientists use this data from the JR to better understand climate change, geology and Earth’s history.
  5. Earlier,scientists had to reconstruct seawater from the last Ice Age from indirect clues like fossil corals and chemical signatures from sediments on the seafloor.
  6. Scientists are interested in reconstructing the last Ice Age because the patterns that drove its circulation, climate and weather were very different from today. Understanding these patterns could shed light on how the planet’s climate will react in the future.

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