Single mothers head 4.5% of all Indian households

  1. According to UN Women’s Report titled “Women’s Progress of the World 2019-2020”, in India, 13 million (4.5% of all households) are run by single mothers.
  2. In India, 46.7% of families are couples living with their children, over 31% live in extended families, while single person families account for 12.5%
  3. Further, the report has noted that In India, the poverty rate of single-mother households is 38% compared to 22.6% of dual parent households.
  4. Globally, more than eight out of ten single-parent households are headed by women (84.3%).
  5. The report has noted that for women in India, participation in the lab or force is dramatically impacted by marital status. According to 2012 data, 29.1 percent of all women aged 25 to 54 are in the labour force, compared to 97.8 percent of men of the same age
  6. The report has also drawn attention to the needs of the growing elderly population. Worldwide, it is projected that men’s life expectancy will be lower than that of women in 4.6 years during the period 2015-2020. Thus, there needs to be focus on senior women.
  7. The report offers solutions for elderly women such as family-friendly policies, including cash transfers, healthcare, and care services for children and older people

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