South Korea launches 5G networks early to secure world first

  1. South Korea has launched the world’s first nationwide 5G mobile networks. South Korean telecom operators SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus began their services on 4th April, despite previously announcing the launch date would be April 5.
  2. 5G (5th Generation) is a version of mobile communications. It succeeds LTE mobile networks- 4G, 3G, and 2G (GSM). In telecommunication, Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals.
  3. According to experts, 5G would provide near-instantaneous connectivity —20 times faster than 4G. The other expected benefits of 5G include reduced latency (faster response time), energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and mass device connectivity.