Supreme Court sends Delhi power tussle case to larger Bench

  1. The Supreme Court delivered a split verdict on the issue of division of powers between the Delhi government and the Centre over control of services covering issues like transfer of officials and referred the matter to a larger bench.
  2. The major issues before the Supreme Court were (a) the power to appoint and transfer the officers of State Public Services (b) the power over the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and (c) right to implement the Electricity Reforms Act in Delhi.
  3. The court ruled that the anti-corruption bureau will be under the control of the Union government while aspects like appointing special public prosecutors, making electricity reforms would lie in the hands of the Delhi government.But there was a difference of opinion on the issue of Services.
  4. At the core of the tussle is Article 239 AA which-(a) Granted Special Status to Delhi(along with Pondicherry) (b) Provided Legislative Assembly and a Council of Ministers responsible to such Assembly (c) Empowered to make laws for Delhi on all matters in the State and Concurrent Lists except land,public order and police which comes under Central Government.