Taliban says latest talks end on U.S.’s Afghanistan withdrawal

  1. The talks between the Taliban and the United States has ended without any peace deal for Afghanistan.Both sides have said that they would talk to their leaders about the next move.
  2. The two sides have been discussing an agreement under which US forces would withdraw from Afghanistan and the Taliban would guarantee that the country would not be used to launch terrorist attacks.
  3. Further,the US is also pushing for a Taliban agreement on two other, more far-reaching elements namely (a)power-sharing talks with Afghanistan’s US-backed government and (b)ceasefire agreement.
  4. However,the Taliban has refused to engage with Afghan government as it considers the Afghan government illegitimate.
  5. The Taliban now control roughly half of Afghanistan and are at their strongest since 2001 when the U.S.-led invasion had toppled their government after it gave protection to al-Qaeda.
  6. The U.S and NATO formally concluded their combat mission in 2014 but the US and allied troops continue to train and build the Afghan military. However,US President has often expressed his wish to end the war in Afghanistan and bring back US troops.