The proposal of Classical language status for Marathi is under active consideration: Shri Prahlad Singh Patel

  1. Minister of State of Culture and Tourism has said that granting of classical language status to Marathi is under “active consideration” of the Ministry of Culture.
  2. The criteria evolved by Government to determine declaration of a language as a Classical language is a) High antiquity of its early texts/recorded history over a period of 1500-2000 years, b) A body of ancient literature/texts, which is considered a valuable heritage by generations of speakers, c) The literary tradition be original and not borrowed from another speech community and d) The classical language and literature being distinct from modern, there may also be a discontinuity between the classical language and its later forms or its offshoots.
  3. Till date, Tamil, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Odia have been given the status of classical languages.
  4. Article 343 of the Indian Constitution gives Hindi in Devanagari script, the official language status of the Union.

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