Tiwa tribes and Khelchawa festival

  1. Recently,Tiwa tribesmen had taken part in a dance during the Khelchawa festival in Karbi Anglong district of Assam.
  2. Tiwa tribesmen are recognized as a Scheduled tribe within the State of Assam.They are also found in the states of Meghalaya,Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.They speak Tibeto Burman language.Further,they are divided into two sub-groups namely Hill Tiwas and Plain Tiwas.
  3. Tiwa tribals celebrate Khelchawa festival in Assam.This festival is celebrated every five years.The festival is held at the close of the harvest season in the month of April.After the harvesting season is over Tiwa community celebrates the festival for a good harvest.
  4. The festival also celebrates the efforts of young boys becoming an adult.Pigs are also sacrificed during the festival as a mark of respect for their local deities collectively known as Lampha Raja.

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