Tough-talking: On Taliban reconciliation process

  1. The Taliban reconciliation process is moving at a much faster pace than was expected, as seen by recent meetings of Taliban with US representatives in Doha and Russian officials in Moscow, but India has not been included in these meetings.
  2. The US and Russia have accepted the idea that (a) concessions to Taliban, without insisting on cessation of violence, are necessary for ensuring Afghan peace (b) as Taliban has refused to include Afghan government in dialogue, it is excluded from meetings (c) Pakistan is an important party in all deliberations as it retains influence over Taliban.
  3. India has always maintained distance from Taliban as India supports Afghan led, Afghan owned democratic peace process but this principle has been ignored by US, Russia, Taliban etc. which is one reason why India has been kept out.  
  4. Taliban has dissociated itself from Al-Qaeda and Islamic State and has pledged to not allow Afghan soil to be used by foreign terrorists. This is a positive stand, hence India should not allow itself to be left out by taking a rigid posture, argues the Hindu in an editorial piece.