Trump, Kim fail to reach deal in Hanoi summit

  1. US President and North Korean leader met for a second summit in Vietnam.The summit ended in failure with the two sides far apart on the central issues of disarmament and sanctions relief.
  2. US has said that the talks had collapsed because North Korea insisted that all the sanctions U.S. has imposed on North Korea be removed without North Korea firmly committing to eliminate its nuclear arsenal.
  3. On the other hand,North Korea insisted that it had asked only for partial relief on sanctions in exchange for shutting down its main nuclear complex.
  4. However, USA clarified that the status quo will continue,with North Korea continuing to suspend its nuclear and missile tests, while the US will not take part in joint military exercises with South Korea.
  5. The first summit was held at Singapore where they had pledged to work towards the complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.