US Approves Sale of Military Hardware

News:The US State Department has approved the sale of missiles and torpedoes worth $155 million to India.


Harpoon Block II Missile:

  • It is an anti-ship missile capable of performing both land-strike and anti-ship missions.
  • It would be integrated into the P-8I aircraft to conduct anti-surface warfare missions in defense of critical sea lanes.

MK 54 Torpedoes:

  • It will provide India the capability to conduct anti-submarine warfare missions.

Additional Facts:

  • P-8I Aircraft: It is a maritime patrol aircraft used by the Navy to enhance its capabilities for maritime coastal surveillance, Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti-Surface Vessel (ASV) strikes.
  • Torpedo: It is a cigar-shaped, self-propelled underwater missile launched from a submarine or warships for destroying other surface vessels and submarines.
  • Submarine:It is a warship that can remain submerged and navigate underwater for a stipulated period of time.They are usually built for warfare and armed with torpedoes or guided missiles.