US unveils strategy to detect and respond to health security threats globally

  1. The US government has come up with a Global Health Security Strategy.
  2. It is a first of its kind strategy to prevent,detect and respond to biological threats from infectious diseases occurring naturally or accidentally in an effort to help improve the world’s ability to stop deadly outbreaks before they spread between countries.
  3. The strategy outlines a coordinated US approach that focuses on three interrelated goals which are (a)strengthen partner country global health security capacities (b)increase international support for global health security and (c)homeland prepared and resilient against global health threats.
  4. Under the strategy, the US will be working with international partners to help improve the world’s ability to stop and contain infectious disease outbreaks before they spread between countries.
  5. The United States will also coordinate with partner governments, nongovernmental organizations and the private sector to promote sustainable financing to build health security capacity.

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