WHO launches tool for safer use of antibiotics, curb resistance

  1. The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a global campaign that urges countries to adopt its new online tool known as ‘AWaRe’.
  2. The tool is aimed at guiding policy-makers and health workers to use antibiotics safely and more effectively.It’s another objective is to limit drugs that are at risk of resistance.
  3. The tool ‘AWaRe’ classifies antibiotics into three groups (a) Access— antibiotics used to treat the most common and serious infections (b) Watch— antibiotics available at all times in the healthcare system and (c)Reserve— antibiotics to be used sparingly or preserved and used only as a last resort.
  4. The campaign aims to achieve a 60% increase in the use of antibiotics under the Access group which are cheap drugs that target a specific microorganism rather than several.
  5. The access group will also lower the risk of resistance and also reduce the use of the antibiotics most at risk of resistance from the Watch and Reserve groups.
  6. According to British government’s Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, antibiotic resistance is already one of the biggest health risks and is estimated to kill 50 million by 2050 worldwide.
  7. The threat continues to escalate globally because more than 50% of antibiotics in many countries are used inappropriately,such as for treatment of viruses when they only treat bacterial infections or use of the wrong broader spectrum antibiotic.

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