Windrush scandal

News:The UK Government has apologised for the Windrush Scandal which involved Windrush generation being wrongly detained or deported for being illegal immigrants.


About Windrush Generation:

  • The Windrush generation refers to the immigrants who came to the UK between 1948 and 1971 from Caribbean countries.
  • The immigrants came at the invitation of the British government which was facing a labour shortage due to the destruction caused by World War II.
  • They are referred to as Windrush Generation which relates to a ship named ‘Windrush’, which brought them to the UK shores in 1948.
  • While a large proportion of them were of Jamaican/Caribbean descent, they also included Indians and other South Asians.

About Windrush Scandal:

  • The Windrush scandal is a 2018 British political scandal concerning the Windrush Generation who were wrongly detained, denied legal rights, and some were wrongly deported from the UK.