Worldwide Education for the Future Index 2019

News:The Economist Intelligence Unit has released the Worldwide Educating for the Future Index (WEFFI) 2019.


About the Index:

  • The index assesses countries based on their abilities to equip students with skill-based education.
  • It has ranked countries based on three pillars namely environment, teaching environment and overall socio-economic environment.
  • The theme of the index is “From Policy to Practice”.

Key takeaways from the index:

  • Finland has been ranked at the top of the index.It was followed by Sweden at second position and New Zealand at third position.
  • India has been ranked 35th on the overall index in 2019 with a total score of 53.In 2018,it was ranked at 40th position.
  • The bottom three nations in the index were Kenya (48th), Nigeria (49th) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (50th).