Yellow weather warning for Himachal

  1. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a yellow weather warning for rain and hailstorm in Himachal Pradesh.
  2. The IMD issues colour-coded warnings to alert the public ahead of severe or hazardous weather conditions that can cause disruption or damage.
  3. IMD uses four colour codes to indicate various categories of alerts. These colour codes are a) green, b)yellow, c)amber and d) red. These colour codes signify the levels of caution to be taken
  4. Green indicates “no warning” and therefore no actions to be taken. No advisory is issued in such cases.
  5. Yellow indicates “be updated” i.e. keeping a watch on the weather situation as it may deteriorate. Yellow is the least dangerous of the weather warnings.
  6. Amber indicates “be prepared”. It implies there is an increased likelihood of extremely bad weather. IMD advises people to be alerted. Further, government agencies should be prepared to manage situations arising out of severe weather conditions.
  7. Red indicates “Take action”. Red warning demands necessary actions to be taken by different agencies.