12 NCR districts, Agra switch to BS-VI fuel

  1. According to Indian Oil Corporation (IOC),supply of ultra-clean BS-VI grade petrol and diesel has begun in cities adjoining Delhi.
  2. In April 2018,Delhi became the first city in the country to switch from BS-IV grade petrol and diesel to BS-VI fuels.Further,cities in the national capital region like Noida and Ghaziabad has switched over to the cleaner fuel from April 1st,2019.Rest of the country will follow suit from April 2020.
  3. Bharat Stage(BS) are emission standards instituted by the Government of India based on European regulations.
  4. The objective is to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engine equipment.The higher the fuel standard a vehicle complies with,the less polluting it is.
  5. The standards and the timeline for implementation are set by the Central Pollution Control Board under the Ministry of Environment & Forests and Climate Change.
  6. The main difference between BS-IV and BS-VI (Which is comparable to Euro 6) is in the amount of sulphur in the fuel.BS-VI fuel is estimated to bring around an 80% reduction in sulphur content –from 50 parts per million (ppm) to 10 ppm.
  7. According to analysts,Nitrogen Oxide(NOx) emissions from diesel cars are expected to come down by nearly 70% and from cars with petrol engines by 25% after the implementation of BS-VI fuel.