$150 mn World Bank loan likely for Rebuild Kerala

  1. The World Bank is likely to provide development policy loan(DPL) of $150 million for the Rebuild Kerala initiative.
  2. The DPL loan is to be equally provided by the International Development Association (IDA) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).
  3. Since the DPL is not a project-specific aid, the World Bank authorities are likely to insist on tough conditions.The loan is usually provided at Zero or very low interest rates, long-term repayments including a five-to-10-year grace period or moratorium.
  4. Further,unlike in the case of project-specific financial aid, there will be no monitoring from the World Bank for the DPL and the State will be free to choose the sector in which to deploy the funds.
  5. Rebuild Kerala is a Kerala State Government initiative for crowd funding of projects envisaged for rebuilding Kerala.The virtual platform provides an opportunity for all willing individuals and institutions to contribute to the rebuilding measures.
  6. This initiative has been launched after the unprecedented flood havoc that had left Kerala in immeasurable misery and devastation.

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