7 Star Rainbow scheme

  1. The 7-Star Rainbow Scheme was launched by Haryana state government in 2018. It focuses on incentivising and encouraging the working of Gram Panchayats in Haryana.
  2. Under the scheme, the gram Panchayats are assessed on seven parameters which are recognised with a star. Further, each parameter is a given a specific colour.
  3. The different parameters are: a) Sex Ratio (pink), b) Education and No dropouts (Sky Blue), c) Hygiene and Sanitation (White), d) Peace and Harmony (Saffron), e) Environment preservation (Green), f) Good Governance (Golden), and g) Social Participation (Silver)
  4. Haryana government has also included another parameter of digital literacy under Education’s head from 2019
  5. Gram Panchayats scoring full marks in any of the parameter are facilitated with “Star” of that parameter.
  6. Villages for achieving each parameter are awarded Rs. 1 Lakh. Villages having equal or more girl population are given Rs. 50000 as bonus with the reward money.
  7. Gram Panchayats scoring maximum in all parameters are recognised as Indradhanush Gram Panchayats