After glut, Lok Sabha Speaker caps private member bills

News:Lok Sabha Speaker has limited to three the number of private members bills that an MP can introduce in a session of Parliament.


About Private members bill:

  • A Member of Parliament who is not a Minister or not a member of the Government is regarded as a Private Member. 
  • A Bill introduced in either house of Parliament by any such Member of Parliament is called a Private Members Bill.Bills introduced by Ministers are called Government Bills. 

Introduction of Private members bill:

  • The government bills can be introduced and discussed on any day but private member’s bills can be introduced and discussed only on Fridays.
  • The admissibility of a private member’s Bill is decided by the Rajya Sabha Chairman or the Lok Sabha Speaker.
  • The Member must give at least a month’s notice before the Bill can be listed for introduction; the House secretariat examines it for compliance with constitutional provisions and rules on legislation before listing.
  • Its rejection by the House has no implication on the parliamentary confidence in the government or its resignation.
  • Upon conclusion of the discussion, the member piloting the bill can either withdraw it on the request of the minister concerned, or he may choose to press ahead with its passage.
  • The last time a private member’s bill was passed by both Houses was in 1970.The bill was the Supreme Court (Enlargement of Criminal Appellate Jurisdiction) Bill, 1968.