Age of third-degree torture is over, Amit Shah tells police

  1. Union Home minister has attended the 49th foundation day celebrations of the Bureau of Police Research and Development(BPRD).
  2. During the session,he stressed on the need for police reforms and suggested that police force should do away with the age-old third-degree torture and adopt more scientific and new methods of investigation to stay ahead of criminals.
  3. He has also proposed a paradigm shift in the approach to policing and called for a countrywide consultative process to make changes to the IPC and the CrPC.
  4. BPR&D was established in 1970 with the objective of the modernisation of police forces.It is nodal national police organisation to study,research and develop on subjects and issues related to policing.
  5. BPR&D functions under the aegis of Union Home Ministry.It is headquartered in New Delhi.At present it has 4 divisions which are (a)Research (b)Development (c)Training and (d)Correctional Administration.