Amid pandemic, traditional art of ‘talamaddale’ goes digital

News: The traditional art of ‘talamaddale’, a variant of Yakshagana theatre has gone digital in times of COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Tala-Maddale: It is an ancient form of performance dialogue or debate performance in Southern India in the Karavali and Malnad regions of Karnataka and Kerala. 
  • The artform is a derived form of Yakshagana—a classical dance or musical form of art from the same region.
  • Difference: Music is common for both Yakshagana performance and Talamaddale.However,Talamaddale consists of only spoken words without any dance, costumes or stage conventions.

Additional Facts:

  • Yakshagana: It is a temple theatre art form of Karnataka that depicts mythological stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavata and other Hindu epics.It combines dance, music, dialogue, costumes, make-up and stage techniques with a unique style and form.