Anguilla: British Territory in Caribbean

News:Anguilla,an island in the Caribbean Sea is a financial beneficiary of two latest trends in technology: Artificial intelligence(AI) and vanity URL(Uniform Resource Locator) or internet addresses.


How is Anguilla a beneficiary?

  • AI is the country code of Anguilla and it is also an acronym for Artificial Intelligence(AI).
  • Every time an internet address which ends with “.ai” is registered or renewed by Artificial Intelligence(AI) startups or big companies or investors,the island collects a $50-a-year fee which goes mostly to the government treasury.

About Anguilla:

  • Anguilla is an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea and a British overseas territory.
  • The Island was formed from coral and limestone and it has a tropical climate.
  • The majority of the population of Anguilla is of African descent and most of the population is Christian.
  • The main economic activities of the island revolve around tourism and financial services and agriculture is of minor importance.