Army may trim 27,000 from non-core units

  1. Recently,the army has planned to reduce its manpower by about 27,000 soldiers as well as restructure them for better efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. This proposed reduction is part of the larger reforms to transform the Army into a lean, mean, rapidly-deployable and operationally versatile force 
  3. The army has planned to reduce the manpower by around 1.5 lakh personnel over the next six-seven years to save around Rs 6,000-7,000 crore annually in revenue expenditure.
  4. Earlier,the army has initiated four studies to undertake overall transformation of the force.
  5. These include (a)restructuring of Army Headquarters (b)creation of Integrated Battle Groups(IBG) (c)the cadre review of officers and (d)review of the terms and conditions of Junior Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks. 
  6. Further,the Integrated Battle Groups(IBGs) which the Army plans to create as part of overall force transformation is close to implementation.
  7. Integrated Battle Groups(IBGs) are brigade-sized, agile, self-sufficient combat formations which can swiftly launch strikes against adversary in case of hostilities.