Australia to toughen laws on social media

  1. Australian government has proposed a new law that could punish social media companies and their executives if they do not remove abhorrent violent material from their platforms.The law was proposed after the recent attack on Christchurch mosques in New Zealand.
  2. The legislation described abhorrent violent material as any content produced by a perpetrator that captures terrorism,murder,attempted murder,torture,rape and kidnapping.
  3. The draft legislation requires social media outlets to notify police if their service is being used to broadcast violent crimes just like they have to inform them if it is being used to access child pornography.
  4. According to the new law,social media executives could spend up to three years in prison and their firms be fined 10% of their turnover if they fail to quickly remove violent material from their platforms.
  5. Australian Government has also created a task force between government and social media companies to tackle the issue.It also wants to put this issue on the agenda for the upcoming summit of the G20 leaders in Japan.