Trump ‘told’ Kim to ship n-weapons to U.S

  1. According to recent reports,US President had given North Korean leader a list of demands which included a call for handing over nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the U.S. during their second round of talks in Hanoi last month.
  2. Further,the document from the US had four other key points that called on North Korea to (a)provide a comprehensive declaration of its nuclear programme and full access to U.S. and international inspectors (b)to halt all related activities and construction of any new facilities (c)to eliminate all nuclear infrastructure and (d)to transition all nuclear programme scientists and technicians to commercial activities.
  3. Recently,US President and North Korean leader had met for a second summit in Hanoi,Vietnam.The summit ended in failure with the two sides far apart on the central issues of disarmament and sanctions relief.
  4. The US had said that the talks had collapsed because North Korea insisted that all the sanctions the U.S. has imposed on North Korea be removed without North Korea firmly committing to eliminate its nuclear arsenal.
  5. On the other hand,North Korea insisted that it had asked only for partial relief on sanctions in exchange for shutting down its main nuclear complex.