Avalanche warning issued for Leh, Ladakh

News:Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE) has issued an Avalanche warning to Leh in Ladakh region.


About Avalanche:

  • Avalanche is a mass of snow, often mixed with ice and debris which travels down mountain sides destroying everything in its path.
  • It is caused when the force of gravity on the snow cover exceeds its mechanical strength. 
  • The necessary factors for an avalanche are (a) snow cover (b) a weak layer in the snow cover (c) a trigger to initiate movement and d) steep slope. 
  • Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are among the most avalanche vulnerable regions in India. 

Types of Avalanche:

  • Powder avalanche:This type of avalanche is a fast moving, very destructive avalanche.These avalanches can travel up to 160 kilometers per hour or 100 miles per hour.Powder avalanches are usually triggered by something small, such as a piece of ice or a rock.
  • Wet avalanche:These avalanches are slow-moving and consist of snow, ice, rock and other material.These avalanches look like slow-moving water but have enormous force behind them.
  • Slab avalanches:These avalanches occur when a slab of snow breaks free and flows down a slope.This type of avalanche is usually triggered by humans and therefore causes the most fatalities.

About Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment(SASE):

  • The responsibility of dealing with the different aspects of avalanches rests with the Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE).
  • SASE is a laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organization(DRDO).It is located near Manali, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Its primary function is research in the field of snow and avalanches to provide avalanche control measures and forecasting support to Armed forces.