Indian Army begins work on GOCO Model

News:Indian Army has began its work on the GOCO (Government Owned Contractor Operated) Model.


About GOCO Model:

  • The GOCO model was one of the recommendations of the Lt. Gen. DB Shekatkar (Retd.) committee to enhance combat capability and re-balancing defence expenditure.
  • In GOCO model, the assets owned by government will be operated by the private industries.
  • The Private companies need not make investments on land, machinery and other support systems.
  • The missions are set by government and the private sectors are given full independence in implementing the missions using their best practices.

Significance of the model:

  • The main advantage of the model is that the targets are achieved in lesser time frame.
  • It will also boost the competitiveness among the private entities.
  • It also helps in reducing government expenditure on armed forces and increase combat capability of the army.