Black or grey: What next for Pakistan at FATF?

  1. The Financial Action Task Force(FATF) will hold its Plenary and Working Group meeting from 16th June,2019.
  2. The plenary could take up a proposal to downgrade Pakistan to the blacklist on terrorist financing from its current greylisted status.
  3. Pakistan has been under the FATF’s scanner since June,2018 when it was put on the greylist for terror financing and money laundering risks after an assessment of its financial system and law enforcement mechanism.
  4. Pakistan gave a political commitment to work with the FATF and Asia Pacific Group (APG) to strengthen its anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) regime.
  5. Based on this commitment,Pakistan and the FATF had agreed on the monitoring of 27 indicators under a 10-point action plan with deadlines.
  6. Successful implementation of the action plan and its physical verification by the APG will move Pakistan out of the greylist but failure by Pakistan will result in its blacklisting by September 2019.
  7. However,APG had informed Pakistan that its compliance on 18 of the 27 indicators were unsatisfactory and asked it to do more to demonstrate strict action against eight terrorist groups.
  8. Further,India is a voting member of the FATF and APG and co-chair of the Joint Group where it is represented by the Director General of India’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).Pakistan had asked for India’s removal from the group citing bias and motivated action but that demand has been rejected.
  9. FATF is a global task force which was formed in 1989 by different countries to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and other illegal activities related to international financial system.
  10. FATF maintains two different lists of countries:those that have deficiencies in their AML/CTF regimes but they commit to an action plan to address these loopholes and those that do not end up doing enough. The former is commonly known as grey list and latter as blacklist.
  11. Once a country is blacklisted, FATF calls on other countries to apply enhanced due diligence and counter measures, increasing the cost of doing business with the country and in some cases severing it altogether.
  12. As of now there are only two countries in the blacklist which are Iran and North Korea and seven on the grey list which includes counties such as  Pakistan,Sri Lanka,Syria and Yemen.

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