Buldhana Pattern of water conservation gets national recognition

News: Union Road Transport & Highways Minister has said that Maharashtra’s ‘Buldhana Pattern’ of water conservation’ has won national recognition and the NITI Aayog is in the process of formulating National Policy on water conservation based on it.



  • What is Buldhana Pattern? Under this project, the synchronisation of national highway construction and water conservation was achieved by using soil from the water bodies, nallas and rivers.
  • This consequently led to the increase in capacity of water storage across the water-bodies in Buldana district and it came to be known as ‘Buldhana Pattern’.


Additional Facts:

  • Tamswada Pattern: Under this, water conservation projects were taken up in Nagpur and Wardha district of Maharashtra in which rain water harvesting, conservation and groundwater recharge works were done in order to increase the water storage capacity of natural water bodies.