Cabinet Okays National Mineral Policy 2019

  1. The Union Cabinet has approved National Mineral Policy 2019. The policy is aimed at bringing about more effective regulation to the mining sector as well as a more sustainable approach while addressing the issues of those affected by mining. It focuses on Make in India initiative and Gender sensitivity in terms of the vision.
  2. National Mineral Policy 2019 replaces the National Mineral Policy 2008. In 2017, the Supreme Court had directed to review NMP 2008.
  3. Important features of the scheme include: a) introduction of Right of First Refusal for RP (Reconnaissance Permits)/PL (Prospecting Licenses) holders, b) encouraging the private sector to take up exploration and attract private investment through incentives, c) auctioning of virgin areas on a revenue- sharing basis, d) for regulation of minerals, E-Governance, IT enabled systems, awareness and Information campaigns incorporated, e) development of online public portal with provision for generating triggers at higher level in the event of delay of clearances, f) focusses on use coastal waterways and inland shipping for evacuation and transportation of minerals, g) encourages dedicated mineral corridors to facilitate the transportation of minerals, h) long term export import policy for the mineral sector to provide stability and to act as incentive to invest in mining sector, i) introduces the concept of Inter-Generational Equity that deals with the well-being of present as well as future generations, j) proposes to constitute an inter-ministerial body to institutionalize the mechanism for ensuring sustainable development in mining, and k) maintain a database of mineral resources and tenements under mining tenement systems