CBIC compulsorily retires 22 tax officials over charges of corruption and bribery

  1. The government has compulsorily retired 22 senior tax officials under Rule 56 (j) of Fundamental Rules. 
  2. This decision has been taken in the backdrop of charges of corruption, extortion and professional misconduct against them.
  3. All Central government employees are governed by the ‘fundamental rules (FR)’ and the Central Civil Services (CCS) rules and compulsory retirement is a provision in both of them.
  4. Rule 56(j) of the Fundamental Rules allows the appropriate authority to retire any government servant in public interest by giving notice of three months.
  5. A review is carried out on a quarterly basis,including officials and employees facing serious allegations of corruption.If the review committee finds the allegations to be true,it recommends compulsory retirement and the order is then signed by the President.