Centre launches dedicated website to contain Fall Armyworm

  1. The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare has launched a dedicated website (www.fallarmyworm.org.in) to help framers control and fight against Fall Armyworm (FAW) pest attacks.
  2. The website provides tips and useful information to prevent and control FAW. It also has information on pheromone traps and lures to detect FAW at a very early stage of infestation. Further, farmers can buy safety kits, masks and gloves for effective management of FAW.
  3. Project SAFFAL (Safeguarding Agriculture and Farmers against Fall Armyworm) is also being implemented. The project has been conceptualized by the South Asia Biotechnology Centre (SABC) and supported by FMC India Pvt Limited.
  4. The project aims at safeguarding agriculture and farmers against fall armyworm in India. It seeks to address knowledge gaps, enhance farmers’ awareness, organize educational campaigns on prevention of Fall armyworm.
  5. The Fall Armyworm (FAW), or Spodoptera frugiperda is an invasive agricultural pest. It was first reported in West Africa in 2016. In India, its infection was first reported in Karnataka in 2018
  6. It has caused extensive damage to crops in India, especially Maize. In early 2019, Mizoram incurred an estimated crop loss of Rs. 20 crore caused by an outbreak of the FAW.