Centre urged to treat KLIP as a national project

News:Recently,Telangana State government has requested the Central Government to treat Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project(KLIP) as a National Project.


About Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project:

  • Kaleshwaram Multipurpose Lift Irrigation Project of Telanagna was initiated in 2016 on the Godavari River.
  • It is touted as the world’s largest multi-stage, multi-purpose lift irrigation project.
  • The project will support crop cultivation on 45 lakh acres of land.It will also meet the drinking water requirement of 70% of the state and also cater to the needs of the industry.
  • The total length of Kaleshwaram project is approximately 1,832 kms. It has 20 reservoirs spread across 13 districts with a total capacity to store 145 TMC.

Why is Telangana asking for KLIP as a National Project?

  • The Centre under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 is mandated to support programmes for the development of backward areas in the successor States including expansion of physical and social infrastructure.
  • The designation of National Project will also lead to a Central grant of 90% of the estimated cost for their completion in a time bound manner.
  • Further,the Telangana government is also running the Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya to meet the aspirations of people.

Additional information:

About Mission Kakatiya:

  • It is a flagship programme launched by the Government of Telangana which aims at rejuvenation of water tanks and other water storage structures to provide assistance and help to the small and marginal farmers of the state.

About Mission Bhagiratha:

  • It is a project for safe drinking water for every village and city household in Telangana State. 
  • It aims is to provide piped water to 2.32 crore people in 20 lakh households in urban and 60 lakhs in rural areas of Telangana. 
  • The ambitious project will supply clean drinking water to all households in the state through water sourced from River Godavari and River Krishna.