CHC Farm Machinery

News:Union Minister of State for Agriculture has launched a multilingual Mobile App named “CHC Farm Machinery”.


About the App:

  • The “CHC Farm Machinery” is a mobile app.
  • The application will allow the farmers to avail the services of Custom Hiring Centers (CHCs) located in a radius of 50 km.
  • This will help farmers to get affordable access to cutting-edge technology at their doorsteps.

Additional information:

About Customer Hiring Centres:

  • Customer Hiring Centres (CHCs) are basically a unit comprising a set of farm machinery, implements and equipment meant for hiring by farmers.
  • Marginal farmers (Farmers whose land holdings are less than two hectares of land), by virtue of their economic condition are unable to own farm machinery on their own or through institutional credit. 
  • Therefore in order to bring farm machinery available within the reach of small/marginal holdings,Custom Hiring Centres have been established.
  • Ideally,the CHCs should be located within a radius of 5 to 7 kms of land holdings.This will reduce the transport cost and time of transport of agricultural machinery.