Chenani-Nashri Tunnel

News:Government has decided to rename the Chenani-Nashri tunnel after Syama Prasad Mookerjee.


About the Chenani-Nashri tunnel:

  • Chenani-Nashri tunnel was inaugurated by Prime Minister in 2017.It is also known as the Patnitop tunnel. 
  • The tunnel is  9.28 km long.It is located between Udhampur and Ramban in Jammu & Kashmir.
  • It is not only India’s longest highway tunnel but also Asia’s longest bi-directional highways tunnel.
  • The tunnel reduces distances between Jammu and Srinagar by 30 km and travel time by 2 hours.
  • The tunnel incorporates India’s first fully integrated mechanism to externally control everything from the movement of vehicles to the inflow and outflow of air and even the evacuation of passengers or vehicles in distress.

Additional information:

Other key tunnels in J&K:

  • Jawahar Tunnel – It is a 2.85 km long tunnel connecting Banihal in Jammu with Qazigund in the Valley was built at an elevation of 2194 m.
  • Nandini Tunnel- It is located beneath the Nandni wildlife sanctuary.It consists of four tunnels of lengths between 210 m and 540 m adding up to a combined length of 1.4 km.

Railway tunnels in J&K:

  • Banihal-Qazigund – It is 11 km tunnel.It is India’s longest and Asia’s 4th longest railway tunnel.The tunnel brings Qazigund and Banihal closer by 17 km.