UN human rights council

News:Venezuela has won a seat on the UN Human Rights Council despite opposition by several countries over its poor human rights record.


About UN Human Rights Council:

  • The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was established in 2006.
  • It aims to promote and protect human rights around the globe as well as investigate alleged human rights violations.
  • It consists of 47 member states which are selected by the UN General Assembly on a staggered basis each year for three-year-long terms.
  • To become a member, a country must receive the votes of at least 96 of the 191 states of the UN General Assembly.
  • The members meet around three times a year to debate human rights issues and pass non-binding resolutions and recommendations by majority vote.
  • The council also carries out the Universal Periodic Review of all UN member states which allows civil society groups to bring accusations of human rights violations in member states to the attention of the UN.