China plans new foreign investment law

  1. China has proposed a draft bill on foreign investment to address US concerns amid the ongoing talks on trade deal with the United States.
  2. The bill addresses key concerns of foreign investors, such as (a)intellectual property rights (IPRs) protection and (b)market access (c)Technology transfer and (d)unfair competition.
  3. The draft law states that state shall protect the Intellectual Property rights(IPRs) of foreign investors and foreign invested enterprises.It proposes to ban the illegal transfer of technology and government interference in foreign businesses.
  4. It states that market access and exit conditions will not be set by the state.It also includes provisions which says that local and foreign firms will be treated equally in government procurement and foreign companies will be consulted by the state on new policies and regulations.
  5. China will also continue to shorten its negative list to further improve business environment for foreign investment.A negative list indicates areas where investment is prohibited.