China warns India of ‘reverse sanctions’ if Huawei is blocked

  1. China has warned India not to stop its Huawei Technologies from doing business in the country otherwise Indian firms operating in China may face trouble.
  2. This statement came after India has planned to establish 5G cellular network in the country but has not decided whether to open the trials to Huawei.
  3. The US administration has barred use or installation of Huawei 5G technology equipped devices in critical infrastructure and offices related to security establishment.
  4. The US has also been persuading other nations to boycott Huawei 5G rollout in those countries.Japan and Australia have already barred Huawei from rolling out 5G technology there.
  5. Recently,a high-level group of officials led by the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Indian government has found no evidence to suggest Huawei has used back-door programmes or malware to collect data in its current operations in India.
  6. Further,one of the options that the government’s National Security Advisory Board(NSAB) official has suggested is to ensure the hardware and software for the proposed fifth-generation network are not both sourced from Huawei.