Chinook will improve reaction capabilities,says IAF

  1. The Indian Air Force has inducted four CH-47 Chinook choppers from the United States.The Chinook choppers will be used for various military purposes including deploying of troops and machinery at high-altitude locations along the India-Pakistan border.
  2. Chinook helicopters are an advanced multi-role,vertical lift military helicopter manufactured by US aerospace company Boeing.It is twin-engined,tandem rotor,heavy-lift helicopter.It is named after Native American Chinook people of modern-day Washington state of US.The helicopter can carry out military operations not only during the day but at night too.
  3. The features of Chinook helicopter include (a)fully integrated digital cockpit management system (b)capacity to carry maximum payload capacity of 11 tonnes and 45 troops (c)capable of transporting fully-equipped infantry soldiers for specialised operations (d)highly manoeuvrable,which makes it suitable for operating in tough,dense terrain and (e)24X7 all-weather operational capabilities.
  4. These helicopters are majorly used for (a)airlifting artillery guns (b)battlefield resupply and (c)transportation of troops.These are also used for humanitarian and disaster relief operations such as transportation of relief supplies and mass evacuation of refugees.
  5. The induction of Chinook is significant as it will not only augment air force’s heavy lift capability for military tasks but is a vital addition for the construction of strategic roads and infrastructure projects on the border.