Consider landless beekeepers as farmers, suggests beekeeping development committee

  1. The Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister had set up a Beekeeping Development Committee under the Chairmanship of Professor Bibek Debroy.
  2. The committee was constituted with the objective of identifying ways of advancing beekeeping in India that can help in improving agricultural productivity,enhancing employment generation,augmenting nutritional security and sustaining biodiversity.
  3. The committee has recommended that there is a need to recognise honeybees as inputs to agriculture and consider landless beekeepers as farmers.
  4. The report also recommended that government should institutionalised the National Bee Board and rechristen it as the Honey and Pollinators Board of India under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.
  5. The aim of such a board would be to engage in advancing beekeeping through multiple mechanisms such as setting up of new integrated bee development centres and strengthening the existing ones.
  6. Further,the report said that national and regional infrastructure should be developed for storage,processing and marketing of honey and other bee products.
  7. The report also suggested simplified procedures and clear standards for ease of exporting honey and other bee products.
  8. As per Food and Agricultural Organization database,Indian ranked eighth in 2017-18 in the world in terms of honey production at 64.9 thousand tonnes while China stood first with a production level of 551 thousand tonnes.

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