Contempt pleas against Prashant Bhushan: Supreme Court may curb advocates from speaking on cases

  1. The Attorney General of India filed contempt proceedings against Prashant Bhushan for tweeting wrong facts about government on an ongoing case which could mislead the court.
  2. Supreme Court said that to protect the judiciary it would examine the possibility of imposing curbs on advocates giving press briefings on pending cases and judges who decide them.
  3. Court observed that advocates often share details of cases and attack judges on media but code of conduct of judges does not allow them to defend themselves against criticisms on media, which maligns the judiciary.
  4. Recently another SC bench criticized lawyers for attributing political color to judges branding it as contempt of court and asked the Bar to protect honest judges.  
  5. Advocates have to balance their freedom of speech and the responsibility associated with their court work.