Critically Endangered Porpoise Found Dead Off Coast of Mexico

  1. Conservationists has found an animal carcass in the Coast of Mexico.They believe that it is of vaquita porpoise,a marine animal.They are classified as critically endangered by the IUCN,with possibly less than 10 alive.
  2. The vaquita Porpoise is the world’s smallest cetacean.It is also Known as the “panda of the sea” for the distinctive black circles around its eyes, along with a proportionally large dorsal fin.
  3. The vaquita is unique among the porpoises as it is the only species of that family found in warm waters.Vaquita only live in the northern Gulf of California,the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.They are most commonly sighted in shallow waters up to 50 metres deep.
  4. Porpoises are among the smallest members of the cetacean family (whales, porpoises and dolphins).They are only distant relatives of dolphins (they last had a common ancestor roughly 15 million years ago).There are only seven species of porpoise;the most popular being the widely distributed harbour porpoise.