Defence companies can self-certify product quality: Ministry of defence

  1. The defence ministry has announced a policy which will allow private defence firms to self-certify the quality of their products.The policy also covers the defence public sector units (DPSUs).
  2. The objective of the policy is to promote ease of doing business and achieve the vision of ‘Make in India’.As per the policy, a mechanism will be instituted for awarding self-certification status to private industry and DPSUs.
  3. Currently, supplies by DPSUs and private vendors are subjected to clearance by the Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA).The responsibility of awarding the self-certification status will be with DGQA.
  4. The policy paper has said that when suppliers with self-evident quality systems are awarded self-certification status,it encourages them to assume direct responsibility to sustain and improve quality.
  5. However,the policy has been opposed by the All India Defence Employees Federation.It said that this move will close down Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA).

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