Defence Ministry rejects Bimal Verma’s petition challenging appointment of Navy Chief

  1. The Ministry of Defence(MoD) has rejected Vice Admiral Bimal Verma plea against the government’s decision to ignore him for the Navy chief’s post despite him being the senior most officer.
  2. Vice Admiral had filed a statutory complaint to the Defence Ministry after the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) had asked him to approach the government with his grievance before taking the legal recourse.
  3. Rejecting the plea, the MoD has said that seniority is not the only criteria for top appointments in the armed forces.
  4. Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) is an Indian military tribunal established in 2009 under the Armed Forces Tribunal Act, 2007.Its Principal Bench is in New Delhi.It also has 11 regional benches.
  5. It’s objective is to adjudicate complaints wrt appointments and conditions of service in respect of persons subject to the (a)Army Act,1950 (b)The Navy Act,1957 and (c)the Air Force Act,1950.It can further provide for appeals arising out of the orders of courts martial held under the above-mentioned Acts.

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