Desi lab harvest meat that even PETA activists will love

  1. Mumbai has become the world’s first city to host a research centre dedicated to lab-grown meat. The Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai has planned to establish a Centre of Excellence in Cellular Agriculture. The centre will be backed by US-based Good Food Institute- an international non-profit that promotes plant and cell-based meat through research.
  2. The centre, through a process called cellular agriculture, will aim at creating clean meat. Cellular agriculture is a process in which a small sample of cells is taken from an animal painlessly and then used to grow meat in a manufacturing facility.
  3. Of late, a number of research has indicated environmental concerns arising out of livestock industry and meat consumption such as a) increased use of use of water, food and energy to raise livestock, b) large-scale animal husbandry contributing to global warming through greenhouse gas emissions, c) antibiotic resistance.
  4. There are also ethical concerns associated with animal slaughter, meat consumption and use of animal products.