Govt to spend Rs 2,000 crore, make 2 lakh classrooms digital

  1. The Human Resources Development Ministry has launched ‘Operation Digital Board’ (ODB). The programme aims at converting a class room into a digital class room, in addition, to availability of e-resources at any time and at any place to students.
  2. The digital board will be introduced all over the country in government and government aided schools from class 9 onwards. Digital boards will also be introduced in higher education institutions.
  3. The programme will also help in provisioning of personalised adaptive learning. It will further aid in Intelligent Tutoring by exploiting emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics.
  4. The digital boards will be introduced from the academic year 2019-20. University Grants Commission (UGC)- the apex body for
    coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of higher education – will be the implementing agency for ODB in Higher Educational Institutions.